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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Everything is A-OK (Regarding YouTube)

I've been uploading videos as usual and I noticed something strange; a false copyright claim I received some time ago has been lifted. I'm now in good standing again in all areas of YouTube. Usually, if you get a false copyright claim on YouTube, you tend to have to jump through so many hoops to get rid of it that you're better off just keeping the strike(s) and/or making a new account.

That's exactly what I did when I made my newer Vysethedetermined2 on YouTube. I wonder if I can upload movies longer than 15 and 1/2 minutes again...that feature would come in handy for RPGs and reviews and the like. Anyway, check out my latest upload below. It's for Bionic Commando: Elite Forces (for the Game Boy Color).

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