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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Finished my first playthrough of Fate/Extra

I bought Aksys Games' "Fate/Extra" (Limited Edition) from GameStop about a month ago and have been playing it little by little. I've now finished the game and I must say that it was better than what I expected, but only marginally. It's certainly unique and quite a bit of the dialogue, while repeating itself quite often at times, is relatively smart and a decent localization effort by Aksys and all others involved. It's not perfect though, as their was some wonky dialogue and typos that I noticed later, but I like that each servant possessed their own dialogue (with a few similarities here and there).

The "Janken" style gameplay makes things interesting for a little while but playing the game for ten hours and getting through a couple of weeks (weeks as pertaining to the game's setup, not real life weeks), one will come to the realization that the game is very formulaic. The ending was okay for me though as it was a little different.

Anyway, I may end up reviewing this one day, so I won't completely get into it. If you're trying to support obscure game publishers at all though, I would suggest you buy the game new while you can. The credits (tiny spoiler) DO want to thank Fate fans who were "enthusiastic" about the game, and buying the game would at least seem like one is enthusiastic...

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