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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Puchi Kanon Air [プチカノンエア] Download!

As we tend to do with older doujin games, we recently uploaded Puchi Kanon Air, a game that was done a while ago by the doujin circle "Cosplay Teahouse Soft". The game is based around "Kanon" and "Air"...they are very popular visual novels with lots of juicy info on Wikipedia so instead I'll post our download links to cut back on text:

Puchi Kanon Air Download

Also, take a look at our video:

My (temporary) plan with the main GS site

As you are all aware, it has been a while since I or Bel have updated the Gaming Sanctuary webpage. Because it would be "quicker" and "easier" to do, I plan to eventually upload various scans and images to the website (as well as update links from friends and the like that I have not done in FOREVER). That said, I will continue to post videos that I upload from this point forward onto this blog to help spread the exposure and awareness as well as post updates with the website (or any other things I find out pertaining to GS). As this is a blog, I will post any other misc life dealings and other good stuff. That is all!