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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lost data slows the latest update (BOOO!!!)

It's true. A folder I had some stuff in was either accidentally deleted or removed so I had to do some stuff over from scratch. I would like to say something else though besides just losing data; I will be making an addendum to the reviews in the next update. It's not exactly a big deal, so I feel like I can discuss what it is here.

I expected this to start occurring a long time ago, but it's become noticeable to the point where I need to take action. As you may all be aware of, Mediafire does not keep files forever; they can keep them for as long as they get consistent enough downloads or views. The audio samples in our reviews will be removed in the next update because while some get some downloads (Porindama for example), others don't really get many downloads. Naturally, I didn't expect them to get downloaded much as it really boils down to the curiosity of the reader when they see a game review. I am in NO WAY saying that it's anyone's fault; with "ways" to test games you may be curious about, audio samples weren't exactly necessary. Still, I had them as an alternative if you aren't into "that", as many "purist" aren't too keen on doing that.

It would require me to re-upload the samples too much in the future and require me to constantly monitor older material to keep the audio samples going, so it would be best for us to just end the experiment. However, I won't just up and leave curious readers high and dry...that's why we will make an effort to make videos for every game we write an article for (or videos for anything that strikes our fancy). Videos are typically seen as the best form of proof as to what a game looks like and sounds like, so I think we will be able to suffice without the audio samples. I'd like to make that change now before we get too far ahead :)

At any rate, the data loss insures that the next update will be a small one, but look for it in the coming days...and be sure to check us out on YouTube. Take care!

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